Who Are We



Wahana Mas Mulia PT., is a trading company established in 2003 that predominantly operates in the chemical industry. The company is engaged in Indent and Local Selling Systems. Wahana Mas Mulia PT's principal activity is to supply raw materials to chemical industries.

Through one of its subsidiaries, it is also involved in integrating company relationships internally and externally with both Indonesian customers and overseas suppliers.

The company's products are imported mainly from China and Korea. Our goal is to go beyond the expectations of each client by giving outstanding customer service, amplified flexibility, and greater worth, consequently optimizing system functionality and enhancing operation competence.

Our associates are notable by their practical and technical expertise joint with their hands-on experience, thus guaranteeing that our clients obtain the most efficient and professional service.


Our Commitment

As a reputable company in distributing raw materials to chemical industries, we commit our service to:


Best Quality

Give the best quality of products within a competitive price to our costumers and to deliver goods according to the agreement at all times.



Meet our costumer's demand and expectation to be able to satisfy their needs from our company.



Build a good relationship with our costumers.



Commit ourselves to our core values namely integrity, service, trust, incessant enhancement, and lifelong partnership.



Since our company is dealing with chemical products, we aim to supply other companies in accordance with the type of operations that they have and to meet the quality that they demand.

Our costumers are reputable industries in Indonesia that have long established their businesses and possess a good reputation.
Our company's target markets include:

  • Ceramic Manufacturers
  • Chemical Traders
  • Detergent Manufacturers
  • Food and feed Industries
  • Plantations
  • Water Treatment Companies
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Laundry Industries
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas

Human Resources

To maintain the quality of service we cater to our valued costumers, we hire only the best employees who can help us build and develop a prestigious reputation in the field of chemical industry. We hire experts who can contribute their skills in our goal to continuously upgrade the quality of products and services we provide.

Our principle is to generate sustainable assets for all stakeholders and to advance the value and superiority of manpower.

Our connections are well versed in all features of compound location management, from budgeting and productivity to setting up and maintaining business partnerships.

We pride ourselves on our established track record for efficiently giving the best service we can offer. This is owing to successfully directing team members that we have in our company to provide the best quality of products and services.

We make sure that all employees are properly trained, compensated accordingly and given such benefits as trainings and development needed for their performance excellence. We do not limit their training within Indonesia alone since we are open to the opportunity and learning they could acquire from overseas training which could be helpful to the enhancement of our development.


Drilling Chemical

Since 2012, PT. Wahana Mas Mulia has establish a new division concentrating on chemical for drilling which is applied especially to crude oil drilling, drilling construction, gas and geothermal. PT. Wahana Mas Mulia prepare a stock of raw material chemicals which are used for various projects at oil company above mentioned such as Mud Chemical ( Water and Oil Based Mud ), Cementing Chemical, and Production Chemical as well.